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I (Ben Laing) am personally on a mission to build up a FREE library called The #HumanKindnessLibrary in North Berwick, around Scotland and then the world.


Yes, anyone can get their hands on books at any local library but the focus of this library is on self-help, personal and professional development books to encourage self development.

I think the main value in this library will be my top 20 recommended personal development books which I’ve personally read. This list was decided on after the last 4 years of voracious reading.

I must have read over 150 Non-fiction books in this time. All these books I have read were carefully researched to make sure it was actually a great book rather than just an average book well marketed.

I found great books by researching many online reviews and asking my online community of 600+ avid readers: “Ben’s Business Book Club”.

The last 4 years of reading these types of books have literally changed my life and my business for the better. I’m happier, healthier, wealthier and wiser.

I want to encourage reading and personal development around the world and I want YOU to experience the same benefits that I’ve experienced in my life.

The idea is to give the less fortunate a second chance at turning their life around with the right books.

A fiction story book is great for fun reading but most of them will not help a homeless man out of poverty nor a depressed alcoholic to happiness nor will they help a dyslexic feel more confident.

I would love if any of you can contribute books or if you’d like to donate, here is the PayPal link below. Just enter the amount you’d like to pay.

DonateI’ll make sure to keep those who donate, updated with the impact and progress of setting all this up.

Post old books to:

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